Commonwealth Community Care

A clinical affiliate of Commonwealth Care Alliance

Behavioral Health Integration

Commonwealth Community Care integrates behavioral health services with primary care to treat the whole patient.

Stress, anxiety, mood disorders, substance abuse, and other serious behavioral health issues can intensify the health concerns facing people with disabilities. Post-traumatic stress syndrome and trauma often accompany disabling injuries. All of these emotional and behavioral health issues can be disabling conditions on their own. To ensure that consumers receive the holistic care they need, Commonwealth Community Care has integrated behavioral health services into our primary care practice.

Our behavioral health team provides assessment and diagnosis of behavioral health conditions and acts as a bridge to connect patients to therapists and ensure that treatment is integrated with other health care services. Therapists are carefully selected for each individual to ensure a good “fit” and can accommodate people with physical disabilities through home visits. All of the behavioral health providers in the Commonwealth Community Care network participate in our unique health care approach, which emphasizes communication between specialist providers and the primary care team. In the event of serious mental health episodes, our behavioral health and primary care teams continue to follow patients, consulting on the discharge plan from inpatient facilities and easing patients through the transition to home and recovery.

The behavioral health team also provides coaching and education to Commonwealth Community Care’s nurse practitioners and physician assistants, teaching them to recognize and respond to any behavioral health issues facing their patients, and to support patients regarding medication management and coping skills.