Commonwealth Community Care

A clinical affiliate of Commonwealth Care Alliance

What Our Employees Say

What some of our employees have to say about working at CCC.

“CCC is a practice where the primary goal truly is what’s best for the client.  I’ve worked other places where it was all about cost and “just adequate” was the expected result.  At CCC, we work for the best possible solution.”
MaryAnn Girardi, Physical Therapist
“I love the team-focused approach and really appreciate the extremely supportive work environment.  The atmosphere is very collegial – lots of people to help you and lots of learning opportunities.”
Vadra Tabb, Nurse Practitioner
“It’s great to be working at a place that is leading the way in changing how health care is delivered.  At CCC, we really are health care trendsetters in patient-centered care.”
Carine Luxama, Nurse Practitioner
“In the CCC practice, each nurse practitioner and physician assistant has a panel of patients that we follow closely and visit at home.  We have the opportunity to really use and develop our nurse practitioner skills.  Visiting patients in their own environment and building long term relationships with them is very rewarding.”  
Margaret Kieran, Nurse Practitioner