Commonwealth Community Care

A clinical affiliate of Commonwealth Care Alliance


Commonwealth Community Care has grown from a Boston-based project, initiated with Urban Medical Group in 1982, into a multi-disciplinary primary care practice that is regarded as a national model for disability-competent healthcare.

In 1988, Dr. Marie Feltin and Mary Glover, a nurse practitioner, established a private practice to provide primary and preventive consumer-oriented health care for adults with physical disabilities. From this grew Boston’s Community Medical Group, which in 1992 became the country’s first clinical program for people with disabilities offering services funded through a prepaid, capitated “global” payment structure. In 2003, BCMG was reorganized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Commonwealth Care Alliance.

In 2012, Boston’s Community Medical Group initiated a statewide expansion and became Commonwealth Community Care. Today, we serve more than 650 people with complex physical, developmental and intellectual disabilities. A team of physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physical and occupation therapists, social workers and an integrated behavioral health network collaborate closely to provide care to people who need it most.

Dr. Marie Feltin

The driving force behind the birth of Boston’s Community Medical Group was Dr. Marie Feltin. Also a founder of East Boston Community Health Center’s Home Care Program and The Urban Medical Group, Dr. Feltin dedicated herself to the care of frail elders and people with disabilities.

Dr. Feltin pioneered a new model of care – one in which physicians developed working partnerships with nurse practitioners and physician assistants for the purpose of bringing primary care to patients in their homes and nursing homes. The model she created reflected her philosophy of supporting independence and empowering individuals with disabilities to be active participants in their own care. She brought not only superior medical skills to her work, but also a profound respect for her patients and a belief in their abilities.

Born a Jew in Nazi-occupied France, Marie emigrated as a child to Montreal and then to Boston. She was a lively friend to many and a devoted mother together with her husband, Dr. Robert Master, the Chief Medical Officer of Commonwealth Community Care. Dr. Feltin continued her work until her death from brain cancer in 1994 at the age of 50. Commonwealth Community Care is committed to carrying on her vision and sustaining the values she embodied.

Dr. Marie Feltin, Founder
Dr. Marie Feltin, Founder